Outpatient process
1、 Outpatient nurses must love their work, treat patients with a high sense of responsibility and compassion, be polite and kind, treat patients like relatives, and serve patients wholeheartedly
2、 Do a good job of preparation before the opening of the clinic, maintain the order of the outpatient service, scientifically organize and arrange the treatment of patients, and divide the diagnosis according to each department and specialty. Give priority to the elderly, weak, sick, disabled and disabled patients. Cooperate with doctors to take active and effective rescue measures for critically ill patients and patients with sudden change of condition
3、 Outpatient nurses work under the leadership of outpatient office and nursing department. Senior nurses are selected and fixed for a long time
4、 Carefully carry out the pre inspection and triage of patients. Infectious patients should be classified according to the type of disease, and isolation rooms should be arranged for treatment to prevent cross infection. Those with clear diagnosis should be transferred to infectious disease hospitals for treatment
5、 The outpatient environment should be clean and tidy, do a good job in patient treatment guidance and health publicity, use various forms to publicize the prevention and treatment knowledge of common and frequently occurring diseases according to different seasons, and improve the people's self-care ability
6、 The disinfection and isolation system shall be strictly implemented. The consulting room shall be sprayed with disinfectant once a day, tables, chairs and examination tables shall be wiped with disinfectant once a day, and medical instruments shall be sterilized according to the specified assembly line to prevent cross infection
7、 Outpatient nurses should be responsible for the storage, maintenance and supplement of various medical devices and supplies, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of medical care
8、 Before going off duty, tidy up indoor articles, close water and electricity switches, doors and windows, and prevent accidents
Outpatient nurses must do their own work well, study their business assiduously, master various nursing technical operations of undergraduates, reduce patients' pain and improve nursing quality

1. The real name system is implemented for appointment registration, and patients need to provide real ID, name and mobile phone number. Please leave your valid contact information so that the doctor can inform you in time when you change or stop the appointment
2. Please make an appointment one day to one week in advance; Please make an appointment one day to two weeks in advance. In order to avoid missing the number pick-up time, you can come to our hospital 15 minutes in advance at the number pick-up time prompted in the appointment. Registration method: hospital registration window payment or self-service registration machine
3. The card number provided when confirming the number should be consistent with that of the appointment, otherwise you will have unnecessary trouble if you can't extract the appointment information. And precancerous lesions are of great value.
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