Physical examination
Shenyang Weikang hospital physical examination center is a leading health management organization providing physical examination and medical services in China. Based on the general medical service system, it provides all-round personalized services such as physical examination, medical treatment and chronic disease management for individuals and groups, so as to help Shenyang people get rid of sub-health, prevent chronic diseases and solve medical difficulties

Service content:
Including preventive physical examination, personalized health assessment and disease risk assessment, professional health consultation, targeted health education and chronic disease management. Improve the health management awareness of the tested population, promote them to actively participate in the health management plan, achieve the purpose of reducing disease risk, preventing disease and improving residents' quality of life

Advanced equipment:
The physical examination center has advanced physical examination equipment at home and abroad, including 1.5T superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance, 64 row spiral CT, large flat-panel vascular machine, digital gastroenterography machine, thinking color Doppler ultrasound, bone mineral density detector, Helicobacter pylori detector, all of which are German Siemens brand, American GE brand, German Siemens brand, etc. Provide comprehensive, systematic, accurate, safe and authoritative physical examination for the broad masses of the people

Medical team:
The chief examiners are all experts with senior professional titles. Provide each customer with personalized physical examination scheme, digital health archives, systematic health management, humanized special needs service, professional chronic disease management, integrated medical access, and strive to build an industry-leading and domestic first-class health management service brand.
? Instructions for physical examination personnel
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