Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
Shenyang Weikang hospital invested 30 million yuan to build a new obstetrics and gynecology department, with environmental upgrading, team upgrading and technical equipment upgrading. Gynecology, obstetrics, newborn clinics and day wards are set up, and there are delivery rooms with purification, LDR integrated delivery rooms and natural delivery centers. The outpatient clinic is equipped with gynecology, obstetrics, eugenics and family planning outpatient operating rooms. The international family production and care mode is introduced, the tracking health management of International concept is adhered to, and a pleasant and warm journey of Mommy is started
After more than 30 years of development and more than 30 years of brilliance, all medical staff of Shenyang Weikang hospital have made unremitting exploration and innovation, closely combined scientific research with clinical practice, promoted each other in theory and practice, won numerous honors, won the trust of patients, received awards from leaders, won peer recognition, looked at the world with an open vision, based on their own duties, learned from others' strengths, and stepped to a new height. In 2012 alone, it won many honors, such as advanced medical collective, advanced medical insurance collective, advanced price management collective, the first batch of high-quality nursing demonstration wards in Liaoning Province, and excellent nursing collective in Shenyang

Specialty features:
1、 Carry out projects
1. Chromosome examination of peripheral blood and villi
Chromosome examination was carried out for 225 patients with recurrent abortion and infertility, and chromosome examination was carried out for an average of 1160 patients. 2. Blocking antibody test and lymphocyte immunotherapy
The etiological diagnosis of recurrent spontaneous abortion was carried out, and the patients with low blocking antibody were treated with lymphocyte immunotherapy. The annual average number of closed antibody tests was more than 1900, and the number of lymphocyte immunotherapy between spouses was more than 2700

Environmental upgrading - integration of LDR delivery room, production and rest:
In 2019, Shenyang Weikang hospital invested heavily in upgrading the maternity rest environment. The transformed maternity rest area is truly patient-centered and fully embodies "humanization and intelligence". Maternity wards include 4 LDR suites, 3 VIP suites and 35 ordinary single rooms.

Relevant doctors
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