Doctors are kind-hearted and shoulder the mission -- general surgery successfully performed laparoscopic tension-free repair of right indirect inguinal hernia

Hernia is a common and frequently occurring disease of children and the elderly. Its symptoms are swelling in the lower abdomen, which is obvious when standing and exerting force. It can disappear when lying flat or pushing by hand. Because most patients do not have too much discomfort when they are ill, they are often ignored. Recently, an old man with intestinal obstruction caused by right indirect inguinal hernia came to Shenyang Weikang hospital. After anti-inflammatory rehydration and symptomatic treatment, after the intestinal obstruction was cured, he underwent laparoscopic tension-free repair of right indirect inguinal hernia on March 19. At present, various indexes of the old man have returned to normal. Uncle Li, who is 70 years old, is refreshed recently and his life has gradually returned to normal. But not long ago, Uncle Li was still worried about his condition. Five years ago, Uncle Li found that he could often feel a lump in his right abdomen, about the size of an egg, which would highlight when standing, defecating or coughing. He could recover on his own after lying flat, which was basically harmless. The old man had not been treated in the hospital.

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